Man's Best Friend Custom Calls

The Deadshot Custom Call Company by IHP has invented / created a proprietary casting process allowing us the ability to incorporate the ashes of your beloved hunting partner, former family pet, or even a loved family member into your very own customized acrylic call.  Keep in mind…our Man’s Best Friend call and the process to cast this unique call is patent-pending and reserved for sale only through the Deadshot Custom Call Company by IHP.  Currently, we are offering duck and goose calls in our Man’s Best Friend calls.  We are also in the process of creating other types of game calls to feature the design of the Man’s Best Friend call.  Now the best part, once your call is complete, you can continue the hunt and bring your best friend back into the field!  Be sure to look at our Man’s Best Friend photo gallery to view many of our custom created Man’s Best Friend calls!