Frequently Asked Questions

Man's Best Friend call...can you tell me a little bit more about this call?
Gladly!  The Deadshot Custom Call Company invented/created this unique game call.  No one else has created this type of call for production purposes and any company or person who claims otherwise will be duplicating our invention/creation.  Our game call and casting process is patent pending and is reserved for sale only through the Deadshot Custom Call Company.  We find this to be very exciting as we get to custom create each of our calls for YOU!
Through our proprietary casting process we are able to incoporate the ashes of your beloved hunting partner, former family pet, or even a loved family member into your very own customized acrylic game call.  The only step required of you, is to send us a small collection of ashes by a mail carrier of your choice.  Once received, we will then begin the design process with you.  After the design phase has been completed we will then start the casting process.  Once complete, you can again bring your best friend back into the field!  To view examples of these calls, be sure to look at our photo gallery within the Man’s Best Friend call page!
Remember…life is about good times and creating great memories…and this is why we do this!
Am I able to design my own Man's Best Friend call with my choice of colors, shape, etc?
Yes!  This is what the Deadshot Custom Call Company is all about…YOU!  No longer do you need to purchase mass produced calls that come in a limited choice of colors and shapes.  Most companies offer a choice of 4-5 shapes and in standard colors.  Deadshot offers you the ability to create a game call that is custom created for YOU…only YOU!  Your Man’s Best Friend call is not only special to us but will be your most special and unique game call.  Whether its designing or recieving your call our staff will assist you throughout the entire process.  Its a fun process to be a part of!
How long does it take to recieve my Man's Best Friend call?
Great question!  Typically, depending on demand, we are running about 30-60 days from the time we recieve the ashes from your loved one.  Keep in mind, the wait is worth it!  Our proprietary casting process requires us to pay extreme attention to detail and allows us to monitor the quality assurance process that comes with making these calls.  We often source items from our suppliers, if we do not have the available items in-house, and sometimes this can add a bit more time…yet even if this happens the wait is worth it!  Should we be running outside of the 30-60 time period you will be notified immediately.
What kind of inserts do you use for your calls?
Another great question!  This is one we get asked alot.  We ONLY use Echo brand inserts in all of our duck/goose calls.  We have experimented and field tested other inserts that are offered by other companies but Echo inserts have surpassed all of our expectations for sound, wear, style, durability, and re-tuning!  This also keeps the cost of your call down!  We can create a custom acrylic insert for our customers yet we prefer to sell you a high-end call at a very affordable price!
We also offer several different choices for insert colors and sounds.  Whether you want to scream through an open-water insert, or chatter a sharp-note feeder call on a timber insert, the choice is yours!  Open water inserts will allow you more volume yet timber inserts are softer but allow for more detailed calling notes when finishing your birds.
Our goose calls also feature Echo goose inserts. These inserts are available in clear or black and look great in all of our 100% acrylic call barrels!
Where are you located and why Deadshot for your name?
We are located near Detroit Lakes, MN.  The name of the Deadshot Custom Call Company was born in Detroit Lakes due to our Big Detroit Lake and Little Detroit Lake.  This lake holds what is known to the locals as “Deadshot Bay” which is located on the south western side of Big Detroit Lake.  This bay was often used by many waterfowl hunters in the past so this is how our name was created.
Do you allow for custom engraving?
Yes!  This would be considered a Deadshot upgrade and would add a nominal fee to your new customized call.  This upgrade only adds $20 to the cost of your call yet the price of this one time addition is very popular among our customers.  Customers who purchase the “Man’s Best Friend” call typically request this option as they want their hunting partners name on the band of their call.  Its a very unique option and one that will continue to create memories for you while you are sitting in the fields or crouched down in the sloughs!
This kind of call must be expensive, how much does a Man's Best Friend call cost?
Another great question!  This is what our business model is based on!  To allow ANYONE the ability to afford a quality, custom created game call.  Pure and simple…our passion is waterfowling.  We have been hunting birds since we were about 14 years old and have ever since.  Thats nearly 33 years of enjoying this sport and what the sport has offered us for memories and good times.  We will continue to support anyone who wants to get into this sport and will make it easy for them to afford one of the most essential tools they will need to use…their call!
Lets be fair, many companies have now entered a price range of $125-$250 for their calls.  Those calls are good calls and we at Deadshot support anyone who is makes a product for waterfowling or other type of hunting.  However, any experienced caller should be able to tell you that it is not just your call that will bring birds into your spread.  Motion is key!  Your call will allow you the opportunity to turn the birds attention towards you, yet if all you are doing is calling and calling it simply will not be effective.  Your call will also aid you in making birds feel more comfortable when nearing, or landing, in your spread.  Lets face it…late season ducks have heard almost every type of call from all levels of experience!  They have also seen all types of decoy sets…from cheap to very expensive.

Put your hard earned money into a call that is unique to only YOU, and as many of our customers say, some say they sound better than many of the calls sold at retail sporting goods stores or online sites.  Our Man’s Best Friend series of calls starts at only $150! The CHOICE is YOURS!